Must read Books on AI or Data Engineering in

AI or DS :-

1) Artificial Intelligence a modern approach by Pert Norvig.

2) Introduction to AI and Expert systems by Pattersons.

3) A first course in artificial intelligence by Deepak Khemani.

4) Thoughtful Machine learning by Matthew Kirk.

5) Introducing Data Science by Manning pub.

6) Introducing Data Science

Big-Data or Analytics or NSQL :-

1) Hadoop the defination guide.

2) Big data and analytics by Wiley publication.

3) Spark: Big data cluster computing in production by Wiley.

4) Learning spark by Oreilley.

5) Getting started with NoSQL

6) Making sense of NoSQl

7) Real time analytics by Wiley

Programming :-

Python Algorithms.

Programming collective intelligence.

web crawling and data mining with apache nutch.

Note –

All these books are standard books and good to read for those who want to starts the career in AI or Data science or Big-Data all these books are available in

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