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    Barrelfish: A Study In Distributed Operating Systems On Multicore Architectures Part – 1 (Microsoft Research)

    Its actually a 2-part series. Presentations were done in 2012. So, if you haven’t seen it already could be a quite insightful. However, the project is probably well ahead now.

    • Thanks for sharing, Surya.
        • Sure thing Satyajit 🙂
          Yes, I think it gives a good understanding of the trends and challenges involved in the design and implementation.

          Thanks for all your shares as well. They are helpful. You keep the community active 🙂

            • Thanks, Surya. This is all due to Arvind, Sir. He given us a very nice platform where we can learn and share. I am happy to be a part of it.
                • Yes, Satyajit. I agree. This is a nice place to share knowledge and also get help from experts/peers in different areas. I have only joined recently, and have already found helpful resources across the groups. Looking forward to contribute and also grow by learning a variety of things.
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