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    Can anyone guide me
    From wher I can start to learn machine learning.

    I know python, and libraries and statistics, r language

    Share me any informative materials..

    • Start with the basics algorithms like Logistic regressions, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, Random forest and try the Iris projects where you need to train and test the Iris data and with the different input values it will predicts which flower it will be it will give the basic idea. Refer the book by Aurelian Geron to start. for videos starts with Andrew ng for ML. good and more intuitive.

    • Start with tutorials provided by AnalyticsVidhya, TowardsDataScience, KDNuggets. Listen to podcasts by Get comfortable with intermediate python and Pandas library. Find some kaggle problems which you personally find interesting. Load the data sets and start playing with the data , plotting them , doing visualizations etc. Most of the data analysts role involves simple things and not complex ML algorithms. So get comfortable with ETL (extract transform and load) of large datasets, doing simple analysis and visualizing them
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