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    Someone asked me what is point of doing Masters at an institute if everything can be learnt online. I replied that universities provide the environment, the peers, the mentors, motivation and certification. Five years back, this was the case and there were no alternatives. Now it seems that alternatives to university education are coming up. This is by a well known person Paul Graham

    “Universities will just lose the monopoly on certain types of learning that they once had. There will be many different ways to learn different things, and some may look quite different from universities.

    Learning is such a big problem that changing the way people do it will have a wave of secondary effects.”

    source: http://www.paulgraham.com/ambitious.html

    • Very True, Sir. Those days are gone when you get the quality educations by paying heavy money and few have it, now the greatest invention of the mankind that is Internet, Google, YouTube are great way of knowledge sharing and Facebook, wattsapp are fastest way of information sharing. This is really cool era. All are well informed and can self learn but in-spite of all these , The mentors are always the irreplaceable as they are people who tell us what is the right thing to do out of this huge ocean of knowledge of knowledge.
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