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    MVC architecture MVC (Model, View, Controller) is a pattern for organising code in an application to improve maintainability.
    Imagine a photographer with his camera in a studio. A customer asks him to take a photo of a box.

    The box is the model, the photographer is the controller and the camera is the view.

    Because the box does not know about the camera or the photographer, it is completely independent. This separation allows the photographer to walk around the box and point the camera at any angle to get the shot/view that he wants.

    Non-MVC architectures tend to be tightly integrated together. If the box, the controller and the camera were one-and-the-same-object then, we would have to pull apart and then re-build both the box and the camera each time we wanted to get a new view. Also, taking the photo would always be like trying to take a selfie – and that’s not always very easy.

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