Math books for CS

Books useful for computer Science students, especially preparing for GATE. Thanks to the Computer Science Careers members especially Rajesh Pandey for compiling them


  1. The Only Probability Cheatsheet You’ll Ever Need – William Chen 
  2. Introduction to Probability – Charles M. Grinstead, J. Laurie Snell

     3.   Introduction to Probability – Dimitri P. Bertsekas, John N. Tsitsiklis (MIT) 

     4.   A Short Introduction to Probability – Dirk P. Kroese (University of Queensland) 

    5.    Probability: Theory and Examples – Rick Durrett 

    6.    Probability and Statistics Cookbook – Matthias Vallentin (UC Berkeley)





   11.    Introductory Probability and Statistical Applications by Paul L. Meyer

   12.    A Course in Probability Theory, Revised Edition, Second Edition by Kai Lai Chung

   13.    Probability Theory: The Logic of Science – E. T. Jaynes

   14. First Look at Rigorous Probability Theory by Jeffrey S. Rosenthal

Mathematical Logic

1. Introduction to Logic – Michael Genesereth, Eric Kao (Stanford University) 

2. A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic – Stefan Bilaniuk (Trent University) 

3. Mathematical Logic – Stephen G. Simpson (Pennsylvania State University) 

4. Formal Logic – Miguel Palomino

5. Shai Simonson Lectures 

6. Schaum Series Book 

7. Course on Mathematical Logic 

8. Mathematics for Computer Science by MIT 

9. Discrete Maths and Probability Course by Vazirani 

10. Mathematics for Computer Scientists by MIT (Video Lectures)

11. Mathematical Logic – Helmut Schwichtenberg

Graph Theory

1. Graph Theory and Applications, by Paul Van Dooren – Full lecture slides

2. Graph Theory (Mathematics), by Christopher Griffin – Full lecture notes

3. Graph Theory, by Reinhard Diestel – Full book online

4.MIT Lecture Notes 


6. Graph Theory, by Frank Harary – Full book online

7. Introduction to Combinatorics and Graph Theory, by Daniel Guichard – Full book online

8. Combinatorics and Graph Theory by Harris, Hirst, Mossinghoff

 9.The Fascinating World of Graph Theory, by Arthur Benjamin, Gary Chartrand and Ping Zhang

10. Graph Theory, by John A. Bondy and Uppaluri S.R. Murty

11. Graphs & Digraphs, by Gary Chartrand, Linda Lesniak and Ping Zhang

12. Modern Graph Theory, by Belá Bollobás

Set Theory and Algebra 

1. An Introduction to Set Theory – William A. R. Weiss

2. Set Theory on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

3. Notes on Finite Group Theory – Peter J. Cameron

4. Schaum Series Book

5. Shai Simonson Lectures

 6. T. Jech, Set Theory. The Third Millenium Edition 

 7. K. Kunen, Set Theory. An introduction to Independence proofs

8. Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics – Sylvain Poirier

9. Y. N. Moschovakis, Notes on Set Theory

10. K. J. Devlin, The Joy of Sets


1. Basic Combinatorics – Carl G. Wagner (University of Tennessee)

2. Notes on Combinatorics – Peter J. Cameron

 3. Shai Simonson Lectures

4. Schaum Series Book

 5. Concrete Maths by Graham, Knuth, Patashnik

6. Combinatorics and Graph Theory by Harris, Hirst, Mossinghoff

7. Introduction to Combinatorics and Graph Theory, by Daniel Guichard – Full book online

8.A Course in Combinatorics by van Lint and Wilson

9. Applied Combinatorics – Mitchel T. Keller, William T. Trotter

 10. Analytic Combinatorics – Philippe Flajolet, Robert Sedgewick

 11. Enumerative Combinatorics, Volumes 1 and 2 (Stanley)

12. Combinatorics: Topics, Techniques, Algorithms (Cameron)

(Optional exploration) but only after exhausting recommended materials: Mathematics:

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