Learning Javascript

JavaScript is growing in popularity like crazy and it is the most-used programming language among front-end, full-stack and even back-end developers. Here are some useful resources to learn Java Script.


  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan
    • The Definitive Guide has been the bible for JavaScript programmers—a programmer’s guide and comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client-side JavaScript APIs defined by web browsers.
  • Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript (Effective Software Development Series) by David Herman.
    • Effective JavaScript is organized around 68 proven approaches for writing better JavaScript, backed by concrete examples. You’ll learn how to choosethe right programming style for each project, manage unanticipated problems, and work more successfully with every facet of JavaScript programming.
  •  Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn     
    • HaverbekeThis is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital. You can read it online here, or get your own paperback copy. 
  •  You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going by Kyle Simpson
  • You Don’t Know JS: Scope & Closures by Kyle Simpson
  • You Don’t Know JS: this & Object Prototypes by Kyle Simpson
  • You Don’t Know JS: ES6 & Beyond by Kyle Simpson
    • With the “You Don’t Know JS” book series, you’ll get a more complete understanding of JavaScript, including trickier parts of the language that many experienced JavaScript programmers simply avoid.
    • The series’ first book, Up & Going, provides the necessary background for those of you with limited programming experience. By learning the basic building blocks of programming, as well as JavaScript’s core mechanisms, you’ll be prepared to dive into the other, more in-depth books in the series—and be well on your way toward true JavaScript.
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
    • With JavaScript: The Good Parts, you’ll discover a beautiful, elegant, lightweight and highly expressive language that lets you create effective code, whether you’re managing object libraries or just trying to get Ajax to run fast. If you develop sites or applications for the Web, this book is an absolute must.
  •   Pro JavaScript Design Patterns by Dustin Diaz & Ross Harmes
    • With Pro JavaScript Design Patterns, you’ll start with the basics of object–oriented programming in JavaScript applicable to design patterns, including making JavaScript more expressive, inheritance, encapsulation, information hiding, and more.
    • With that covered, you can kick–start your JavaScript development in the second part of the book, where you’ll find detail on how to implement and take advantage of several design patterns in JavaScript, including composites, decorators, façades, adapters, and many more.
  •  Head First JavaScript Programming by Eric T. Freeman & Elisabeth Robson
    • This brain-friendly guide teaches you everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced topics, including objects, functions, and the browser’s document object model.
    • You won’t just be reading—you’ll be playing games, solving puzzles, pondering mysteries, and interacting with JavaScript in ways you never imagined. And you’ll write real code, lots of it, so you can start building your own web applications.
  •  Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja by John Resig & Bear Bibeault
    • Secrets of the Javascript Ninja takes you on a journey towards mastering modern JavaScript development in three phases: design, construction, and maintenance. Written for JavaScript developers with intermediate-level skills, this book will give you the knowledge you need to create a cross-browser JavaScript library from the ground up.
  •  High Performance JavaScript (Build Faster Web Application Interfaces) by Nicholas C. Zakas
    • This book reveals techniques and strategies to help you eliminate performance bottlenecks during development. You’ll learn how to improve execution time, downloading, interaction with the DOM, page life cycle, and more.

Online Resources

Here you will find various tutorials, online courses to learn Java Script

  1. Hacker.io
  2. Free Code Camp
  3. Team Treehouse
  4. Codewars 
  5. iLoveCoding Javascript Screencasts
  6. Codementor
  7. Codecademy
  8. Lynda 
  9. Channel9
  10. TheCodePlayer
  11. Eloquent Javascript Book
  12. Javascript by Douglas Crockford
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